In a press meeting in Madrid, Spain, Dr. Janko F. Rottmann mentioned that Royal Investment Consortium has secured opportunities, which have come with the fast expansion of wealth creation in Europe. The president of the Consortium, he essentially said that they go to great lengths to deliver on their client promise of first-class investment solutions and advice. They guide their clients in finding opportunities even in challenging market conditions.

Royal Investment Consortium has built one of the largest multi-lingual wealth management teams in Europe. Overall, they’ve three hundred and fifty analysts worldwide. Wealth Management is a central business for the private Consortium. They’ve extensive research capabilities customized to private clients. They offer comprehensive products and services around the globe.

Their commitment is to delivering high-quality client advisers who are able to advise clients through times of economic uncertainty. Dr. Rottmann is able to combine an investment strategy for the entire wealth management group. Furthermore, for younger people, the Consortium runs a series of educational programmes.

Dr. Janko F. Rottmann, with his formal education and practical experience background, has a technical comprehension of the banking and finance industries across Europe. As Chief Investment Officer, he directs policy and strategy for roughly $130 bn in assets. Pertaining to wealth management in Europe and Asia, he revealed that for the next few years, the Consortium wants to focus especially on Asian markets. The wealth management market in Asia is growing quickly and the expectation is that wealth in the region will keep on growing at a double-digit rate.