What does it take|Exactly what is the secret formula} to develop a winner? Some say that it is an ability people are born with. Some call it pure class. In some circles they call it pure instinct. At the end of the day it is that you can have all the secret knowledge, talent and pure intuition in the marketplace and it won’t help you much at all if you can’t insert the passion requested to win day in and day out against your harshest and strongest opponent: You!.

Take a look at the character that was left behind from WW1. Most of us know the end of the war in 1918 as Remembrance Day. The strenght and courage that has come from that day has grown character into millions of souls.

It doesn’t matter what sport you look at. It could be coaching a soccer team in Argentina, or you could be the owner of a future Melbourne Cup Winner. Either way, you need to be a person with a killer instinct and be prepared to build the effort and do whatever it takes to do well. A winning attitude is is understand to be the breakfast of genuine champions and that is the to start with meal you should have every morning. Get out of bed, get into gear for action and get ready for success!

It doesn’t matter where you live. You may live in New York, Gothenburg, Buenos Aires or Melbourne. No matter where you live, your fortunes or background, your success needs hard work and plenty of it. You must have eagerness to be a success. That is what is expected of a Melbourne Cup Winner. Many ways are obtainable for you to turn your eagerness into dollars and you can achieve this with sheer hard work, but it also requires your 100 percent commitment towards a result. If you are not driven towards your goals, then those objectives will never be part of your existence. To win that elusive cup, you need to be that much much better than the rest.