The concept of social bookmarking became hugely sought after owing to sites such as and Digg. The idea is that an article or blog is compiled, stored and then tagged to be sorted when possible by relevancy. The opinions provided by social bookmarks is frequently seen as more relevant for many users because the information is arranged for by [humans|actual people}. Its suitability is voted on by human viewers rather than a search engine putting up results according to keywords. A points plan is also used with articles on social bookmarking sites, to add a better human feel to it.

Social bookmarking can draw tremendous viewership to your site. Promoting your site through social bookmarking is easy, as long as you have relevant and useful information. The bookmarking world will recognize its usefulness and vote for it and thus create greater hits through the bookmarking websites. Your site’s audience can grow dramatically by method of social bookmarkers.
Aim for the niche market that is relevant pertinent to your site. Try to connect promote yourself to those communities that will have viewers who appreciate the material, and therefore can bump it higher and stir up excitement about it in the bookmarking world. You can also put in back links to your site by affixing URLs to your articles. This may not signify anything in terms of SEO advantage as some social bookmarking sites implement a ‘no follow’ principle, affixing tags to your links. Nevertheless [users|visitors} could still use your site and raise approval to the attached links.

Nowadays with hundreds of social bookmarking websites, it is crucial to attempt to get linked into one somehow. The opportunities from there are infinite as you raise your viewer constituency and gain points among the community of your site.