Are you looking for an upscale home in South California? If you are, then perhaps you can find what you are looking for within the area of Newport Beach. In fact, there is a particular place right at the border of Newport Beach that is of interest to most people. Its area boasts of surrounding ocean views that are breathtaking, it is set on the hillside part of Newport Beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Islands. This place is otherwise known as Pelican Hill and there are lots of Pelican Crest Homes for sale & Real Estate for sale available for different types of people.

Properties and homes listings in Pelican Hill are known to be located in this exclusive and lavish community within Orange County and Newport Beach. It is a mixture of upscale living and quiet casual lifestyle that most people enjoy. It is a safe environment where your kids can play outside your homes and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the parks. You can also enjoy a bunch of activities for different seasons. From fun summer activities to exciting Fourth of July treats, your family will surely have a good time. It is also very near the Los Angeles and San Diego area, so you have easy access to the rest of South California. The beach is just a stone’s throw away, so you can enjoy the crystalline waters and wade your foot across the pristine sands of its beaches.

If you have gone past the point of being intrigued by this place and would like to check out Pelican Point Real Estate & Properties for sale, now is the time to do so. There are regular new posts in local listing by real estate agents of properties for sale. Check them out and take a look at the property if you have to, and find your next home in the near future.

If you are someone who loves to watch the sun rise in the morning or witness the sunset, you will truly appreciate the beauty of it all while living in Pelican Hill because of its strategic location on the hillside and proximity to the ocean.