This is some of the fascinating sight that you can have  in Bali.

Jungle Trekking
Bali island still has its preserve  jungle suitable for jungle trekking. The whole things about trekking in a preserve jungle of  Bali will make your holiday more fascinating.  As you may know, Bali have  several jungle mountains. You will be surprised that after you are trekking in the  jungle and seeing the  nature on their original state. Prepare your self to encounter with the  inhabitant of these preserve nature like big tress and animals. You will find many kind of birds and  other fauna living harmoniously in their preserve habitat of dense tropical forest.

ATV Riding
Latest adventure ride added to the must see and do things in Bali. Your  journey will go through the rice paddies, mountain streams and tropical rain forests  and best of it you will just stay on your own ATV. The area where you while explore  using your ATV is the area around Batukaru mountain in Tabanan regency.

Bali Treetop
The Treetop adventure is another  adventure using Bali‘s famous nature setting. Located in the center of the Bedugul  Botanical garden in north of Bali which can be reached around 1.5 hours drive from the  city.  This is a fun activity set in an open environment and is suitable for kids  to adults.

Bali Camel Safaris
Now you can have a camel safari in Bali. If you want to experience camel in middle east better  to think again as Bali already have a camel safari.  Yes Bali have its own  camel safari with real camel of course. This fun adventure is as popular as riding an elephant. Instead of a dessert, the  camel safari in Bali using the track of white sandy beach along the south east coast  of Bali. Where is it? Just  drive to the Nusa dua area and find the camel safari near to the Nikko resort. It  located around 30 minutes drive from the airport.