LED Ice Cubes will add some sparkle to your next event.These items are obtainable in several different colours and may be personalized along with your logo. These light up items will captivate and wonder all of your visitors and are entertaining and exclusive for everyone. These ice cubes are usually accessible in the blinking variety and are great for lighting up almost everything from event displays, to centerpieces, to drinks.

The solid color light ice cubes each possess a stable light setting with two flash settings and are available in white, red, pink, green, and blue. Multicolored ice cubes are usually available. These multicolored ice cubes have 3 separate LED lights within them, which are red, blue, and green. Patriotic various colored ice cubes are also offered in red, white and blue. Eight unique colour settings are available in one particular ice cube by using different colour combos.

Your promotions may also be livened up with customized lighted ice cubes that have your particular message, affair or occasion, or logo imprinted inside the ice cubes. The possibilities are nearly endless with these beautiful, luminous ice cubes. These lighted ice cubes will spice up any beverage.

These lighted ice cubes are offered on several different web sites on the Web and are very well-known sellers. LED ice cubes will add charm and shine for the decor of your moment or occasion. These lighted ice cubes are bursting with color and safely submersible. They are exactly what event and occasion planners everywhere have been seeking.