Over 30 years ago, DP Palmer started specializing in the renovation and creative painting of unique homes in classic neighborhoods in the greater metropolitan Seattle area. The managing partner and owner have over 65 years of hands-on painting experience in every aspect of this constantly evolving industry in the Seattle area. All of the painters that we employ are highly skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work. We treat all of our painters exactly the same way that they are trained to treat our customers, which is with scrupulous focus, rare honesty, and respect that will maintain harmony in the everyday work environment.

We operate under the belief that our painting company is only as good as our last painting project. We also believe that constant communication with our customers is 99% of any painting contract. We remind ourselves daily that we are in the painting service industry and not the sales industry. That is simply a good painting business practice. When your company’s objective is sustained excellence backed by an unconditional guarantee against defects in paint materials and workmanship for seven years, the sales will take care of themselves. DP Palmer Restoration and Painting is your best choice, if you in need of a painter in the Seattle area.

Our objectives are to deliver beautiful finished painting projects in the Seattle area that will develop long term relationships with our customers by using the most skilled painting team available and being on budget and on time for a fair market cost. Our customers rang from corporate entities to affluent homeowners in exclusive neighborhoods in Seattle to retirees who are living on fixed incomes, all of whom expect professional results from their painter.
When we select venders and painting products, they must reflect our company’s values and we treat each customer with the same hands-on professional management skills and scrupulous attention to detail.
When high quality vendors, our skilled painting team, and management all believe that action, as opposed to an empty promise or a sales pitch speaks louder than words then even the most skeptical customer will develop faith in our renovation and painting process. Many of these clients become repeat customers who wouldn’t even consider using anybody but us for their painting requirements.

DP Palmer Restoration and Painting prefers to show our customers that creative painting applications will produce stunning results that will stand the test of time, rather than simply telling them what they want to hear. All of the painters that we employ give their all to ensure that your painting project becomes a reality. We expect rave reviews so we don’t provide vague recommendations for your painting project in Seattle.
The Benefits of Working with the Best Painting Team in Seattle: DP Palmer Restoration and Painting Includes:

* All of the painters that we employ are continually learning about the latest painter services and painting products. The evolution to acrylic painting from oil based painting products will dramatically increase the longevity of the paint. The use of some incredible faux designer walls, metallic paints, and elastomeric painting products can make an interior space look stunning, while actually enduring the elements offer the critical differences between semitransparent, opaque, and solid stains. There isn’t much available that any painter in Seattle that we employ hasn’t seen, and there also isn’t many painting applications we haven’t mastered. Our paint suppliers are also innovators who keep us abreast of the latest painting developments in the painting industry in Seattle.
* We will never over-book our painting schedule. There is nothing that ruins a business relationship faster than a painter who doesn’t show up. We always return phone calls and keep our appointments. We are always willing to include a completion date clause in all of our contracts and pride ourselves on completing a painting a project on time. We simply want to get to your home in the Seattle area and begin painting.
* We provide professional painting color painting consultation. Our managing partner Gary has an advanced degree in Liberal Arts and is a fine arts painter. Some of our painting projects have been reported in award winning trade journals. Recent spectacular results include the extraordinary color design of a five story condominium in downtown Seattle as well as the complex restoration and painting of the American Vacation Home of the Year. In combination with the sound application of the latest painting materials, the creative use of color can produce beautiful for virtually the same price you would spend on color schemes that fail to illuminate the architectural details of even the humblest businesses and homes. We help our customers discover the hidden color painting applications that provide the absolute best results. In addition, our color design services are included in the price of the painting project.
* We are a highly trained painting team in Seattle. Most of our painters have been employed with us for over ten years. We continually train all of our painters in the latest material applications and painting tools. DP Palmer has a waiting list of potential employees who would welcome the opportunity to become a member of our painting team in Seattle.



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