Snail farming or heliciculture is method of rearing or raising land snails for human consumption or for commercial purposes. Snail farming in Nigeria is one of the rear but lucrative business one should venture in Nigeria. Snails make good meat that contains great vitamin and minerals that will nourish ones body. Snails are also used in cosmetic shops around the globe for beauty purposes.



We have many types of snails and their names are Helix pomatia which is popular in the western world, Achatina Achatina which is the best snail for rearing in Nigeria, Roman Snail, Burgundy snail, Apple snail, Helix aspersa etc. Most species of snails that good for human consumption can be found in West Africa, North Africa, Europe, North America and in Various other parts of the globe.



In other for you to practice successful snail farming in Nigeria I will write a little about what snails eat, and the climatic condition that best suits them.



If you want to start successful snail farming in Nigeria you must have the necessary equipment that will help them stay healthy and strong. Snails feeding season is always through April to October before they hibernate. Snail eats solid foods by using their radula. Their feeding activities depends on the weather and they do not feed all the time like other domestic animals e.g. chicken etc however their feeding activities increases when there is moisture because the like moist environment. Snail eat vegetables both dry and fresh but the like the fresh one more. Examples of what snails eat are dandelion, henbane, hibiscus, hollyhock, elder, leek, lettuce, pumpkins, rape, rose, spinach, sweet pea, oat, turnip, wheat, yarrow, zinnia, tomatoes, etc. Whenever there is spoilt please remove it and replace with a new one as spoilt foods will affect their health. Snail thrives well in a mild climate from around 15 degrees to 25 degrees centigrade that is around 59 degrees to 77 degrees if converted to Fahrenheit with high humidity of 70% to 100%. Some species can also stand a wider range of climatic condition. Whenever the temperature falls below 7 degrees centigrade, snails hibernate. Snails live well in a damp environment that is not waterlogged. So if you want to start a snail farming in Nigeria a well drained soil is needed. They dig in soil and eat it for this reason good soil favor snail growth and provide them with nutrients. They like eating feed and dirt.